The Sound of Music, the von Trapp family, and Julie Andrews – these are a few of our favorite things. 

This film is iconic for its soundtrack, incredible acting, and heartwarming story. But even if you know this movie inside and out, there are a few things you probably don’t know about it.  

Keep reading to learn 6 fascinating facts about The Sound of Music. 

1. The Opening Scene Wasn’t So Peaceful 

The hills are alive with the sound of … Julie Andrews falling?

As it turns out, the opening scene wasn’t so tranquil after all. The jet helicopter that captured this famous shot caused a strong downdraft, causing Andrews to fall into the grass. 

2. Christopher Plummer Wasn’t a Fan of the Movie 

This movie is beloved by many, but not by Christopher Plummer who played Captain von Trapp. 

He often referred to it as The Sound of Mucus because he believed it was too sentimental and gooey. To cope with this dislike, he drank away his sorrows and even filmed the music festival scene while drunk. 

3. Andrews Kept Giggling During ‘Something Good’ 

When Andrews and Plummer were filming their love scene in the gazebo, Andrews said the lights kept making a funny “raspberry sound.” They tried to continue singing “Something Good,” but Andrews couldn’t contain her laughter. 

Finally, the director shut off the lights and shot the scene in silhouette. 

4. Gretl Almost Drowned During the Boat Scene 

During the rowboat scene where Maria and the kids fall into the water, Kym Karath (who played Gretl) almost drowned. 

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Andrews was meant to fall forward into the lake and grab Karath since she couldn’t swim. But Andrews fell backward by mistake, leaving Karath to flounder until she quickly swam forward to grab her. 

5. Leisl Accidently Hurt Herself During “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” 

Gretl wasn’t the only one in The Sound of Music cast to get hurt on set. 

Charmain Carr (who played Liesl) sprained her ankle while filming “Sixteen Going on Seventeen.” During the dance break, she slipped when leaping between benches and went through a glass pane on the gazebo. She wore a bandage covered in makeup for the rest of the scene. 

6. The Movie Isn’t Historically Accurate 

Believe it or not, the movie isn’t that accurate compared to the real story of Maria von Trapp.  

Here are some inaccuracies: 

  • There were really 10 von Trapp children 

  • The real Maria was a tutor for 1 child

  • Maria and Georg were married 11 years before leaving Austria

  • Maria didn’t love Georg when she married him  

But even if it’s not 100% accurate, how can you not love it? 

Did You Know Those Facts About The Sound of Music? 

Now that you know this trivia for the Sound of Music, you can appreciate the movie even more the next time you watch it. And better yet, you can impress your friends with your movie knowledge. So when you see that opening shot or “sixteen going on seventeen,” you’ll know everything that went into it! 

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