Social media has become popular recently, and it is a good realm for singers and artists to expand their job rapidly all over the world.

People spend a lot of time surfing the internet in their free time.

They may confront some pages posting some so-called funny and entertaining videos, or some accounts belong to singers who cannot sing professionally.

The number of incapable singers is increasing these days, so we must be cautious about who we follow and support.

By following professional singers, we support them and show them we want to hear them more.

We can encourage the efficient singers to continue by supporting them on social media.

“A good singer has some notable features besides having a pleasant voice and being knowledgeable in the field of singing. The most important one is to love singing.” Rudebeny said.

“A singer touches the soul.” he continued.

When you love to sing, you do it in the best way possible, and people can feel it. People can hear your feeling. It is the rule that Rudebeny always follows.

His passion for singing brought him to the highest level of success.

This Iranian singer was born in 1996 in Germany but lived in Iran until he got 17. He is living in Germany currently and singing Persian-rap music for five years.

Rudebeny is the one whose songs such as “Mano Yadet Mire Zood” produced by Xwhisky, have been listened to more than a million times in a short period.

His track “Ghermez” with Poobon has been played +28 million times on Radio Javan and +800,000 times on YouTube which shows that people enjoyed hearing it.

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“100” is the other track that he sang with another famous Iranian rapper called “Parsalip” which got over +800,000 views on YouTube and over 5 million times played in Radio Javan.

His cooperation with other singers ends in the great result as well as his solo songs.

A singer must be flexible and know how to work with others to produce flawless music besides being independent in singing.

We can find all these features in Rudebeny, the Iranian singer who is being heard all over the world. His competence is the cause that his fans always support him on social media and encourage him to continue.

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