Daryn Amari Fields, known professionally as Amari Fields, is a rising artist doing something outside of the norms. With his rise in the music industry, he thought to use his platform and music to spread a positive message to the youth. He is not creating music like other artist that are constantly rapping about drugs, violence, and sexual activities. Instead, he is creating music talking about ending violence, uplifting one another, and treating one another equally. His unique style of music is different and is something the music industry has never seen before, which has allowed him to create a name for himself.

After seeing results on his YouTube channel Amari Fields decided to get involved in creating music. At a young age, he loved music and would even write his own songs. However, after recent success on his channel he decided to release his first ever song called “Grind To The Top by Amari Fields” which was the start of his music career.

Within the release of this song, Amari Fields talked about his struggles coming up doing YouTube and spread a message to never give up on your dreams. After its release, he would receive positive feedback on his music that would allow him to continue going. However, the songs Amari Fields would publish would be used to motivate, spread a message, or tell a story.

In a recent interview he said “I always had a love for music growing up but noticed every song I would listen to would always have a negative connotation. There was never a song to uplift, inspire, spread a message, and bring us together as people. So, because of that I decided I could be the first to do it and once they see you can sell records talking about something in a positive light, more artists will begin to do it. I’m just so sick of the evil and hate in this world and I just feel like there needs to be a peace maker.”

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Sense then Amari Fields has continued to release new music including one of his hit songs “Love You Dad by Amari Fields” talking about his appreciation for his father. However, his work does not stop there as he continues to inspire the youth in a positive way. With his influence, he hopes to make the world a better place by doing it through a way all people love which is music.

On a podcast he stated “Record labels and artists are constantly trying to sell records and think talking about violence and sexual activities is the way to do it. But you can do the same while also impacting someone’s life in a positive way. I never saw this as a positive thing in our communities because it is only persuading our kids to follow in these negative footsteps. Which is constantly raising our crime rates, teen pregnancies, drug use, and more. We need more positivity that’s our problem as a nation!”

To find out more about Amari Fields, you can check him out on Instagram here.

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