Avicii’s dream of working with A-list musicians, including Mick Jagger and Slash, never came true before his death.

Avicii left his fans and family shocked after committing suicide by hanging himself in Oman in April 2018. The incident cut his career short and broke people’s hearts as he reportedly struggled with his mental health issues alone.

Though he should have had more time to work with other musicians, the late DJ actually got turned down by A-listers when he attempted to collaborate with them.

Avicii Did Not Get the Chance to Work With Other Musicians

Less than a year following his tragic death, Swedish investigative journalist Måns Mosesson started working on an official biography about Avicii and his life. He started working with the EDM DJ’s parents, who allowed him to access the producer’s emails, text messages, and more.

Mosesson also contacted people close to Avicii and held interviews with them.

On Tuesday, he finally dropped “Tim: The Official Biography of Avicii” which contains stories about Avicii’s life – from being a shy child to becoming one of the world’s most famous DJs.

At one part of the 400-page book, the journalist revealed that Avicii tried to collaborate with legendary musicians but was turned down in the end. Among the musicians he contacted were Paul Simon, Mick Jagger, Van Morrison, Neil Jacobson, Slash, Stevie Wonder, and Sting.

The book mentioned that the DJ was on a fantastic run at that time, that his song “I Could Be the One” scored the first spot on the UK singles charts. Unfortunately, those legends did not care about that.

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“For these contented men, whose career peaks were at least twenty years behind them, Avicii was at best an obscure Swede with a summer hit,” the book said.

In 2014, Avicii officially said goodbye to EDM completely. At that time, he shared on Instagram that he was tired of the image of being a DJ who never worked for the love of the audience.

His father shared the same sentiment in an interview with the Sunday Times, saying that the DJ’s anxiety rooted from his teen years when he suffered from acne problems.

“He was a shy person. He wasn’t the one that went into a room with lots of people and started talking or holding speeches,” he said.

Klas Bergling added that Avicii’s death made him realize that his son never wanted to be Avicii at all – he wanted to be Tim Bergling instead.

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