Will BIGBANG finally meet VIPs and give them the long-awaited comeback?

BIGBANG gave their fans hope after the members seemingly showed hints that they were preparing for a comeback this year. However, it is only a few hours left before 2022 arrives, so VIPs do not have any expectations for this year already.

Still, they are now looking forward to Coachella 2022, where the YG Entertainment’s boy group could finally reunite. For what it’s worth, the group made it to the list of artists to perform at the music festival last year, but the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the event.

VIPs, unfortunately, has to wait until January to see whether Coachella would finally resume the festival with BIGBANG still on the guests’ list. Currently, the music festival has not released more details except that it would happen from April 15 to 24, 2022.

What Made VIPs Think That BIGBANG is Coming Back?

It all started when the group’s members shared mysterious posts that led fans to theorize about their comeback.

For instance, Daesung uploaded a video on his YouTube channel. In one part of the video, he revealed that he is studying English. He also prepared English lessons and a copy of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” book by Roald Dahl.

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TOP also fueled the speculations even more when he posted a photo with Josh Abraham, the American producer and CEO of Pulse Music Group while Taeyang told VIPs on his birthday to wait a little longer.

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Meanwhile, G-Dragon told DAZED KOREA he was working on new music,

“Rather than notes, I’m focusing a lot on music and working on BIGBANG stuff these days, so I look for music keywords related to that and write lyrics. Since that’s how I spend my time, most of my notes are related to that,” he said.

Because of lack of comeback since 2016, fans already expressed their dismay earlier this month, parking a vehicle in front of the YG Entertainment building, which had a huge LED screen that showed the words (in Korean): “VIPs (BIGBANG’s fanclub) are waiting for a full 4-member group comeback. YG Entertainment promised their full support while renewing their contracts. Up until now, however, YG Entertainment has yet to do even basic work that an agency is required to do.”

YG Entertainment has not confirmed whether the group will truly return soon.

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