Carlos Marin did something shocking – and heartbreaking – before taking his last breath.

The music industry dealt another devastating blow after Marin lost his battle against COVID-19. The band members — Urs Buhler, Sebastien Izambard, and David Miller – confirmed his tragic passing after the singer contracted the virus and fell ill despite receiving full doses of vaccine.

He was first admitted to an Intensive Care Unit at Manchester Royal Center in England. But he eventually died and left his close friends and family mourning.

A few days after his untimely passing, Daily Mail shared detail about the last moments of the singer with his former partner, Geraldine Larrosa.

“Before being intubated he said goodbye to me because he knew he wasn’t going to pull through and it was the saddest image in my life,” she said.

Despite their divorce, she and Marin remained close that she was one of the last people he talked to before his passing.

Per the 44-year-old, the singer told her he loved her so much and that she was the love of his life. In the end, Marin also asked her to take care of his family once he passed.

Carlos Marin Could Have Survived COVID-19 If He Was in Spain

Aside from Larrosa, another Marin’s close friend reflected on the possibility that he would have probably survived if he was in Spain.

Madrid-based lawyer Alberto Martin revealed that he spoke with the singer’s mother, who told him Marin would still be alive if he was not abroad.

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“It’s something that we’ll have to analyse when we see all the medical documents because we feel there was time to control his situation and improve things so he could pull through and have his life saved which was the most important thing,” he said, as quoted by Express.

Following Marin’s death, more details about his COVID-19 battle emerged. His sister, rosa, said that the singer contracted the virus’ Delta variant, which attacked his lungs. It then caused the medical experts to put him in an induced coma while admitted to an intensive care unit.

Marin would be laid to rest on Tuesday. His family approved a public wake in Madrid on Monday to allow his fans to bid him goodbye.

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