The world of rap and hip hop seems to be at a key inflection point as we enter 2022.  Consumers of the genre seem to be a little tired of the status quo with every song seemingly sounding the same and tackling the same tired topics of women, money, and materialism.  Listeners are yearning for something new – that they can relate to in their personal lives.

It’s for this reason that the underground rap scene has found itself uncovering new talents that are willing to tackle raw and somewhat taboo topics without fear.  8corpses is an up-and-coming artist that is doing exactly that, using his troubled background as fuel to connect with his listeners.  He’s one of those few artists that actually see their art as a two-way street, something that can kickstart a conversation that so desperately needs to be had.

8corpses started out in the industry editing music videos for other rappers but quickly discovered a yearning to actually make his own stuff.  Fast forward to today and he has developed a unique style, sound, and view on the world that is resonating with listeners of all kinds.  When you listen to his music, you can hear clear inspiration from the 80s and 90s which gives the music a retro vibe that really stands out in today’s age.  But what is more impressive is the lyricism that comes along with it.

It’s rare to hear an artist delve deeply into difficult topics and tackle them with poise and maturity, but that’s exactly what 8corpses does.  Having come from a very tough childhood and upbringing, he still struggles with addiction, PTSD, and schizophrenia to this day.  These afflictions temper his day-to-day life but what has been so incredible to see is how he is able to pull these into his lyrics.  He’s not afraid to dig into how his mental illness affects his life and that courage has brought him a selection of die-hard fans who really appreciate how honest and open he is in his lyrics.

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Mental health is a big focus for society right now because it has been neglected for so long, and what 8corpses is doing is bringing that to a wider audience in a way that they can understand.  Music truly does speak to the soul and by sharing his truth, he’s giving others the impetus they need to confront the demons in their minds.  In every song, you can hear how challenging it is for him to reflect on his many life experiences but through this creative expression he aims to really make a difference for his fans.

So much so that he has received a multitude of messages from fans who thank him for saving their life.  If you hear him speak about how much those messages mean to him, you’ll quickly realize that behind the music is a man who wants to transform society and give hope to those who struggle with mental illness themselves.  With every new one that comes in, he is reminded that just by talking about mental health, you can give others the push that they need to do the necessary internal work and seek additional help if needed.  8corpses’ music has become somewhat of a refuge for those who are trying to make sense of this crazy world that we live in – and this will resonate with a much wider base once the industry catches on to what he’s doing.

When you combine that realness with some innate rap talent, a bursting vocabulary, and a love for innovative lyricism, you’ve got something special on your hands.  He’s making music that is innovative, culturally resonant, and raw – using music to express truth and emotion in the way that it’s supposed to be used.  Hopefully, he can inspire a new movement within rap and hip hop that moves away from blatant self-promotion and towards more honest self-expression.

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8corpses is only just getting started but if his early success is anything to go by, the only way is up.  Watch this space.

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