Starting and scaling a business is daunting, and there are numerous challenges you will face. It takes a lot to grow a business, from funding to marketing, but Anthony Liu and Rodney Yean, founders of the leading subscription box Munch Addict, share with us how they overcame multiple obstacles to reach the top.

According to the duo, challenges are meant to strengthen you and not break you. They note that one of the things that have kept them pushing is their goal of bringing the tastiest treats and snacks to people of the US. Both Anthony and Rodney love to travel and try out different foods. Anthony says that they came up with their idea of starting Munch Addict on one of their many visits overseas.

As they toured across various countries, they always made sure to bring snacks back home for their friends and family, which were a big hit. Anthony and Rodney realized that they could start a snack subscription box service to supply people with new snacks from across the world, motivating them to launch Munch Addict. While the company was established not long ago, they have cemented their spot in the industry. Their unique approach to the market and ability to provide a variety of unique snacks and treats has seen their client base grow by the day.

However, their journey has not been all easy. Anthony and Rodney explain that they didn’t have all the necessary resources when they started, which limited their potential. With the increased demand, Munch Addict didn’t have enough subscription boxes, and Anthony and Rodney had to build them all themselves. They spent hours creating the packages with their own hands until they had enough working capital to hire the necessary help.

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Additionally, as Munch Addict imports their snacks from different parts of the world, they have built countless connections with vendors, manufacturers, and distributors. Munch Addict has made it its mission to provide its subscribers with unique and tasty snacks and treats each month. They offer an international subscription box of four different sizes, all packed with various snacks. They also have a Korean Snack Box with snacks straight from South Korea and a Ramen Box consisting of instant noodles.

The team explains that they have had to establish a solid network across different countries to make the process easier and faster and meet their goal. Despite the challenges, Munch Addict has scaled to become a leading international snack box company. Anthony states that they have recently expanded their services, and now their snacks are available in Los Angeles through delivery apps such as DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, and Grubhub. Plans are also underway to have them available across many more states throughout the United States.

They encourage other entrepreneurs not to give up, noting that failure is only fatal if you choose not to get back up. As they continue to thrive, Munch Addict hopes to grow their brand into one of the largest international snack selections in the USA and Canada. They also hope to bring many of the USA and Canada’s most famous snacks to other countries. 

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