Kelly Clarkson had a busy year in 2021.

Kelly was all over the media, and everyone’s interest in her has been at an all-time high, not only because she was hosting her award-winning talk show, joining a new season of “The Voice,” and navigating a nasty divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, but she was also all over the media, and everyone’s interest in her has been at an all-time high.

Several rumors concerning the “Since U Been Gone” hitmaker have been flying around this year.

A few months ago, Globe claimed that “The Kelly Clarkson Show” host was losing friends.

Because of her “potty mouth,” her social circle was said to be diminishing.

As her divorce from Brandon progressed, the mother of River Rose and Remington’s nasty conduct increased.

A source told the outlet, “She’s constantly making potty jokes and seems to get a rise out of shocking people.”

They went on to say, “People are urging her to scale back on the belching, farting, and gross anecdotes because they’re a turnoff and make her look trashy.”

Kelly Clarkson also made newlyweds Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton uncomfortable, according to the source.

Her colleagues coaches were supposedly hesitant to invite her to social gatherings.

Kelly, on the other hand, is said to be unconcerned with losing friends as long as she has an audience.

“She’ll simply keep doing what she’s doing.”

Kelly Clarkson’s Friendship Loss: The Truth

Globe magazine’s accusations were disproved by Gossip Cop, who called the report “disgusting and entirely bogus.”

They added that the story about her and her filthy mouth arose from an account she told on her program about having to pee in a garbage can backstage during a concert.

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The former “American Idol” contestant said she didn’t look back on it fondly since it was an emergency and she had to do what she needed to do.

The anecdote was also told to her talk-show guest Clint Black, who revealed his own experience of having to use the restroom on-stage first.

Kelly was able to connect with her guest and make him feel at ease when discussing the subject.

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Other False Stories About Kelly Clarkson

As previously stated, there have been additional tales concerning Kelly Clarkson that have been shown to be completely untrue.

She also caused a rift between Blake and Gwen, according to the Globe, and her pals were pressuring her to go to a “fat farm” to reduce weight.

Kelly was reportedly enraged over not being invitedto Gwen and Blake’s wedding, according to reports. Gossip Cop has refuted all of these claims.

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