The Chainsmokers are officially back – but they marked their return with an epic satire video instead.

On Thursday, The Chainsmokers’ official YouTube Channel broke the duo’s hiatus through an over 3-minute video. Their company hires actors to replace the members since they are not releasing a new album.

The video then explains that the company thinks the “scheme” will work as no one knows what they look like. It then pans to the fake Chainsmokers making new music – smoking $100 bills while consuming psychedelic mushrooms.

After the fake actors do roller-skating around the mansion before quitting the project due to pressures, the original Chainsmokers appeared on the screen. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall then receive a call from the company, officially telling them that The Chainsmokers are back.

The same clip was shared on their TikTok account, and they even sparked plastic surgery rumors because of it.

Following the release of the video, fans left hilarious comments on the YouTube channel while welcoming back the duo.

One said, “I’ve been constantly listening to chainsmokers in hopes of getting something new, couldn’t be happier.”

“They want to realise everyone that being a popular personality is not even so cool. I love it. Btw love from India,” another added.

The Chainsmokers Previously Surprise Fans

Aside from the recent video, The Chainsmokers also popped back up earlier this year with their rendition of Bon Iver’s cover of Bonnie Raitt’s song, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” They also dropped their first remix after seven years.

The Chainsmokers have been out of the spotlight since releasing their hit album “World War Joy” in 2019. After dropping the project, they announced their hiatus to focus on their fourth LP.

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Unfortunately, some people do not want to listen to them since they are being “too generic” and refusing to adapt to the current music trend. One Reddit user asked others whether they are no longer relevant, to which people said they are indeed starting to decline.

Still, one fan left a heartfelt message, saying why he will not give up on them yet.

“They’re also the people that made Selfie, wrote off as a joke and then had a monster of a two-ish year run with Roses, Don’t Let Me Down, Closer, Paris and Something Just Like This. Most acts hope for even one of their songs to be as successful as those 5. I won’t write them off yet, history has shown they can make a mega hit,” the fan wrote.

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