In a one of its kind project that connects various music and dance artists with the metaverse.

‘Non-fungible token’, popularly known as NFT, has gained tremendous popularity of late and many investors are constantly getting drawn towards it owing to its uniqueness which is rare and unseen earlier in the cryptocurrency space. For those who are unaware, NFT is a kind of data which is accounted for in a digital ledger and that data represents a distinctive characteristic of anything related to the real world. As its popularity has seen an upward swing of late, many have jumped into this space, floating their own NFT projects which have found a steady base of investors or owners. Out of the many projects, we came across one interesting one called The Utopia Club, which has deep interest in creative forms of entertainment like music and dance.

The Utopia Concept

Imagine this for a moment. A metaverse jungle filled with a million apes. Sounds kind of depressing in a way doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what the Utopia Club is not about. 

It’s not about kitties or penguins or cyborgs. It’s based off of something that we all can connect with – music and dance. And, would you rather be in a Utopia Club rocking an Elvis styled coat and some funky retro shades? Or would you rather look like an ape? 

The Utopia Club consists of 10,000 distinctively created NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that allows talented individuals who want to showcase their craft of singing and dancing in front of the world through it. 

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It’s Friday night and you’d like to let loose and have some fun. And, that is the idea behind the Utopia Club. You’re all dressed up, looking sharp and funky – and ready to rock your moves on the dancefloor. 

How to get a free Utopia Club NFT? 

So, how do you get your hands on a free Utopia NFT? The Utopia Club will be giving away 5 of their randomly selected NFTs during pre-sale to randomly selected users from their discord group. Those who are most active within the community will be given first preference. The main objective thought of The Utopia Club is to celebrate dance and music. For more info, follow their Twitter.

What about the utility?

The list of utilities of the Utopia Club are impressive to say the least. From a community managed radio station to free-airdrops on future collections and plans to launch an underground retro-themed club in the metaverse – the list is endless. 

There are no promises of games or yacht parties – that, as you can imagine is just hype used by the apes. With Utopia – it’s all about coming together through music and dance. And, all the utilities are geared towards that. 

From putting up your album art covers on their wall of fame to getting free entries to the underground club – everything is geared towards real utility and no hype. 

To know more about The Utopia Club, visit You can also

follow social media accounts here.



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